Alice H!


Name: Alice Hayes

Committee Position: Treasurer

Subject and Year: Archaeology - 3rd Year


Favourite Dance: I've loved learning them all so far but if I had to pick I'd say waltz. I think this was the first dance I learnt, the songs are beautiful and it's so graceful!

Random Fact:

I once got on the same plane and sat behind one of the Strictly Come Dancing pros.

Memorable YBLS Moment: It has to be my first ever comp at Nottingham in 2019. It was scary but amazing to be part of. I had no idea I'd have to get up so early! Or that we'd be up for almost 24 hours!! But I'd gladly do it again, and you can't beat McDonalds on the way home either.

Why did you join the society?

I've done other types of dance before but never Ballroom or Latin and I've watched Strictly every year for as long as I can remember, so it was about time I tried it.

Why did you join the committee?

I've loved being part of the society this year. The people are amazing and last years committee made me feel so welcome and I couldn't miss the opportunity to get more involved.

What is your goal for the next year?

I can't wait to carry on competing and hopefully improve in all the dances and get to learn more advanced steps and add them to routines. I'm especially excited for next years Roses!!

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"I want to bring another friendly face to the society and help people enjoy their time with YBLS as much as I have since joining this year."