Committee Position: 

Social Secretary and Society Representative

Year and Course: 2nd year Environment , Economics and Ecology


Why did you join the society?

"Love the classic movies where you see the main characters waltzing around as if they were in a dream, which made me want to try ballroom dancing as I’m a sucker for romance. Still waiting and looking for a partner to sweep me off my feet and waltz me around."

Why did you join the committee?

"Love dancing and planning events. People would say I’m a social bee?" 

Favourite Dance: 

"Jive and quick step as I love the fast tempo."

Random Fact: 

"I've never really took dancing classes expect for “Bollywood” where I appeared a couple of times on TV and did many street performances back in Spain."

Favourite YBLS Memory:

"Dancing under the rain when rehearsing for the showcase."

What are you most looking forward to in the next academic year? 

"Continuing dancing, improving on what I learned in first year, meeting new members keen to learn to dance and obviously being able to dance with a partner!"


What will you do in your committee role?

"Being a social secretary, my role will be making sure everyone feels part of the society. I will want to bring the society close together, part of the YBLS family, by knowing each other better through social events."