Name: Emily Shaw

Committee Position: Team Captain

Subject and Year: Chemistry - 3rd Year


Favourite Dance: Samba. I know, controversial, but it is so much fun to dance!

Random Fact: I absolutely love Doctor Who.

Memorable YBLS Moment:

Leicester Friendly 2019 was my first competiton as a novice and I couldn't believe I made a final!

Why did you join the society?

One of my flatmates dragged me along in first year and I fell in love with it all!

Why did you join the committee?

I wanted to be TC this year because I wanted to continue to make the society a welcoming and enjoyable place for everyone. I was at every comp last year and have loved helping out and getting to know everyone. 

What is your goal for the next year?

I hope that the competition team can continue to grow and succeed this year! I would also like to work on more challenging routines. 

Emily - Team Captain
Emily IVDC 2020
Emily (NUDC 2020)
Emily (IVDC 2020)
Emily (Birmingham Friendly 2020)
Emily (Birmingham Friendly 2020)