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Frequently Asked Questions

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are lessons free?

Unfortunately lessons are not free. As all our lessons are taught by a professional teacher, we have to charge for lessons in order to pay him and keep the society running. Your annual membership is £15 and after that it's only £3 per lesson (e.g. both beginner ballroom and latin sessions) or £5 if you attend two lessons (e.g. both beginner and novice sessions) or £7 for all three lessons (beginner, technique and novice) Please note that we cannot accept cash so you must buy membership online and we will be taking contactless card payments for lessons. 

What level should I be dancing at / what difficulty is the right one for me?

If you've never danced before or have only danced something that isn't Ballroom or Latin (no matter for how long) you should be coming to Beginners lessons. While Novice may sound easy it's actually the more advanced lesson. If you've been dancing for a year or more you should be doing Novice. If you're still unsure which lesson level you are please get in touch.

What should I wear?

If you have dance shoes you are more than welcome to wear them! However, many people just come wearing trainers or other comfortable shoes. In terms of clothing, anything comfortable that you can move in is perfect whether that be jeans and t shirt or sporty attire. Do bear in mind that the rooms tend to get quite warm!


Our lessons take place in James Hall on Mondays and Hendrix Hall (D/L/028) in Derwent College on Wednesdays. Both are on the West Campus. You can use this link to help locate it:


Is there anything I should know before coming to my first lesson?

Just make sure you have bought membership online via the YUSU website then you're good to go! You can check our instagram for any updates.

I'm not a student / a postgrad / a phd student / a member of staff / not a member of the university - can I come?

Definitely! We're open to anyone!

It's the middle of term and I couldn't make any earlier lessons, can I still join?

Yes! You can join and sign up anytime and come along!

I don't have anyone to dance with but still want to come, is this a problem?

You don't need a partner to join our society or come along to lessons! We always make sure everyone has someone to dance with in our lessons. However, it is a great excuse to bring your housemates along with you!

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