Name: Hannah Grunwerg

Committee Position: Press and Publicity Officer

Subject and Year: Biology - 3rd Year


Favourite Dance: I can’t choose a favourite dance! I love that every dance has a totally different character, style and music.

Random Fact: I’m a qualified ski instructor.

Memorable YBLS Moment:

Honestly I love every lesson, competition, social, but it has to be our 4-0 victory against Lancaster at Roses 2019. It was a wonderful day for the whole team and I was so proud to be a part of it. 

Why did you join the society?

I've danced since I was young and always knew I wanted to continue at university. It was the first thing I signed up for at the freshers fair!

Why did you join the committee?

Despite being an incredibly shy fresher, the YBLS committee at the time somehow persuaded me to run for a ‘small’ position in the by-election… Little did I know what I was getting myself in for! Since then I have been Team Captain for three years so I am really excited to support the society in a different role.

What is your goal for the next year?

To encourage new members to join YBLS, whatever their previous dance experience, so they can experience the joy of dancing and become a part of our dance family.

Hannah - Press and Publicity (Nottingham Varsity 2019)
Hannah (Roses 2019)
Hannah (NUDC 2020)
Hannah (IVDC 2020)
Hannah (York Dances for Sport Relief 2018)
Hannah (IVDC 2020)

"I have been one of the Team Captains for YBLS since my first year here. Over the three years I have helped our competition team grow in strength and numbers and have loved supporting everyone at competitions. I have decided it is time to step back from being Team Captain and help the society in a different way.  I believe I can do this as the Press and Publicity Officer as I want to use our website and social media to encourage new members to join whether they have previous dance experience or not. I love YBLS and want to give back to the society that has given so much to me."