Name: Imogen Voysey


Committee Position: Performance Coordinator

Subject and Year: Psychology - 3rd Year 

Favourite Dance: Waltz, because when you get it right it feels like you're floating across the floor. It was also the first medal I won as a beginner!

Random Fact: I'm a mental health campaigner and I've been to 10 Downing Street.

Memorable YBLS Moment:

Winning team match at Nottingham Varsity! It felt absolutely amazing to help the team to that win and it’s a really special feeling to share that victory with all of my friends.


Why did you join the society? 

I'd danced before, but never ballroom or latin, I really liked how welcoming the sport is to complete beginners - you can wander in with no experience and then compete nationally by the end of the term!

Why did you join the committee?

While I love competing, it's so much fun to tell a story through a bigger piece of choreography. I'm really excited to try and get more people involved in performing.


What is your goal for the next year?

I desperately want to compete an open waltz! Beyond that, I want to support beginners in the same way people supported me when I first joined.

Imogen - Performance Coordinator (Birmingham Friendly 2020)
Imogen (IVDC 2019)
Imogen (Birmingham Friendly 2020)
Imogen (Roses 2019)
Imogen (Manchester Winter 2019)
Imogen (IVDC 2020)