Name: Josh Hattersley

Committee Position: Team Captain and Social Secretary

Subject and Year: Biochemistry - 2nd Year


Favourite Dance: Tango because I don’t have to worry about smiling on the comp floor!

Random Fact: I have never seen Game of Thrones.

Memorable YBLS Moment:

Dancing at Blackpool again for the first time since I was a juvenile and enjoying dancing with my fab partners.

Why did you join the society?

I did Ballroom and Latin when I was younger but unfortunately had to stop. Funnily enough my partner from then (Hannah) was already at university in York and a part of the society! She convinced me to try the first lesson for fun. I had forgotten how much I love dancing and never expected to last a lesson let alone still be here and on committee a year later!

Why did you join the committee?

I wanted to be TC this year because I wanted to continue to make the society a welcoming and enjoyable place for everyone. I have been at every comp this year and have loved helping out and getting to know everyone.

What is your goal for the next year?

I would like to lead York to another Roses win and keep roses white! 

Josh TC and SS (IVDC 2020)
Josh (Birmingham Friendly 2020)
Josh (IVDC 2020)
Josh (Birmingham Friendly 2020)
Josh (IVDC 2020)
Josh (NUDC 2020)

"I want to carry on the awesome work that our previous TC’s have been doing to make YBLS such an amazing society to be apart of. I want to make help make sure that this society is a fun and enjoyable place for everyone to be apart of and to continue to grow. I hope to be someone that any member would feel comfortable talking too about anything dance related or not and to make competition days enjoyable for everyone involved and see York continue to be as successful as we have been. As Social Sec I want to organise a range of socials that everyone can enjoy."