Name: Kyle Siwek

Committee Position:  Social Secretary

Subject and Year: Politics - 2nd Year


Favourite Dance: Waltz. I love how easy it is to get lost in the dance, and the music is always so lovely and makes you want to smile. It's also so satisfying when you manage to get back round to where you started!

Random Fact: I was a Member of Youth Parliament before uni, meaning I got to debate in the House of Commons with 400 other young people and represent my constituents in Kent!

Memorable YBLS Moment:

I've only been around for a few months, but I think the best feeling is always when you revisit a dance in lessons and you know you've improved. It's especially rewarding when Joel notices too!


Why did you join the society?

I joined after being at uni for a year because I'd always wanted to try it and was really keen to meet loads of lovely new people. I knew someone who was already in the society and she said she enjoyed it so I signed up and the rest is history!

Why did you join the committee?

Particularly with all the Covid restrictions, going to lessons in the first term was such an amazing escape from everything. I met so many amazing people in my first few weeks and wanted to give back to a society that has already given me so much. Also I'm a bit of a party animal so social sec seemed like the obvious choice.

What is your goal for the next year?

I really want to compete in person, although I feel like this is something everyone wants to do right now! I've gained a lot of confidence and am keen to just keep getting better!

Kyle - Social Secretary
Kyle - Social Secretary (Leicester Virtual Competition)
Kyle - Social Secretary