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Anton Du Beak

Anton Du Beak!

Name:  Anton Du Beak

Committee Position:  Team Mascot

Favourite dance: Viennese Waltz because it reminds him of flying!

Random Facts: Anton has been to Scotland!

As if that's all there is to say about Anton Du Beak! Lets try this again.


Say hello to our fabulous, amazing, stunning, marvellous, magnificent (I could go on but there's only so much space on the page!) team mascot ANTON DU BEAK!!!

Anton Du Beak supports everyone at lessons with his endless encouragement. But he doesn't stop there! Anton cheers on the competition team at all their competitions no matter where in the UK it takes them! On his many adventures Anton is accompanied by our cha cha charming committee. Together they roam the competition hall in search of all the wonderful YBLS couples so he can tell the world how amazing they are.


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Anton's Adventures!

Not much was known about Anton Du Beak's past. Only two things were certain:

(1) His name is Anton Du Beak. 

(2) He was recovered from a cupboard in 2017. 

(3) He is our mascot.

This didn't stop our society photographer, Brittany, from falling in love with his cheeky smile and taking him out of the cupboard and into the spotlight! And so, Anton's adventures began. 


New to the spotlight Anton started small. He started coming to all the YBLS lessons, getting more and more excited with each dance he saw. One day he even made a new friend! Unfortunately they loved the lake more than dancing, and returned there shortly after meeting Anton.

It didn't take long for Anton and Brittany to start touring the competition world with the YBLS competition team. He loved watching all the couples twirl around the floor, and would always be given a front row seat so he could see the blur of colours without anything in his way! 



Anton was going to Blackpool, the home of Ballroom dancing and he was very excited! He couldn't help but watch, everyone looked fabulous. It didn't take long before he went exploring the beautiful Winter Gardens. On his exploration he found his way to some wonderful women who bedecked him in some of the shiniest gems Anton had ever seen.


All this happened in one year! What more could he possibly do?!

A lot more apparently!

With Brittany as the President of the society the duo could get up to lots of mischief! Firstly Anton decided he wanted a change from his usual gold scarf, and so he upgraded to a very dapper black bow tie. His first appearance with his new outfit was at freshers fair where he waited patiently to greet all the new students that would become YBLS members.

Anton Du Beak

Anton Du Beak kept up his usual routine of joining everyone at lessons. It didn't take long for him to here about  a wonderful social the society hosted every Saturday night during first term. The Strictly Social had arrived! It was time to grab the popcorn and watch the professionals.


With competitions on the horizon again Anton found his adventures taking him to new places he never thought he'd see. He was off to Scotland! More specifically Edinburgh for the annual NUDC competition. With Blackpool and Edinburgh being so far away Anton found himself spending his first nights away from York.

Did someone say Blackpool?! York was back and ready to compete at the famous Winter Gardens and Anton Du Beak was right along side them. 


This was to be a very exciting year at Blackpool for everyone. It was one of York's best performances at Blackpool and Anton got a makeover! Two lovely team members, who were watching Anton for Brittany, took it upon themselves to add lots of lovely sparkles to Anton's bow tie. Not long after Anton saw some fabulous latin dancers with gems adorning their faces and wanted to be just like them! It didn't take long for Brittany to find him again and laugh at the mischief that had occurred.


Blackpool had been a wonderful experience for Anton Du Beak, and he was so proud of the York team for doing so well. 

With the year coming to a close Anton is ready for a long nap. I wonder what he'll get up to next year? 

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