Chloe Taylor

Committee Position: 

Press and Publicity

Subject and Year: 

MA Cultural Heritage Management 

Why did you join the society?

"Before uni I danced other styles but I'd never tried Ballroom and Latin. I've always been a big fan of Strictly Come Dancing, so it was amazing to finally get to try it for myself!"

Why did you join the committee?

“Being part of the committee last year was an amazing experience so I couldn’t miss the chance to do it again!”

Favourite Dance: 

"If I had to pick I'd say waltz. I think this was the first dance I learnt, the songs are beautiful and it's so graceful! But dancing without a partner has been a great time to focus on technique and spend more time on Latin too." 

Random Fact:

"I once sat behind one of the Strictly Come Dancing pros on a aeroplane." 

Favourite YBLS Memory: 

"I have so many amazing memories from competitions in my first year with YBLS and I hope we get to do some in-person this year!" 

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What are you looking forward to about your role this year?

“This year I’m excited to have such a different and creative role. I can’t wait to keep everyone updated with all the amazing things that our YBLS members do!”