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Chloe Taylor

Committee Position: 

Press and Publicity

Subject and Year: 

"3rd year English/Linguistics (combined)"

Why did you join the society?

"I started ballroom dancing when I was 16 and fell in love with it but had to stop due to Covid so coming to uni gave me the perfect change to get back into it and also start competing!"

What are you looking forward to about your role this year?

“My goal is to get the society Instagram to 1000 followers! I also want to keep engaging with members more to try and get more people involved in events and competitions that aren't our usual comp team members. I want to express more opportunities for everyone so that our team keeps growing."

What is your favourite dance?

"Rumba -- it's slow and you really have time to think about each step and where you need to be. It also just looks really pretty on the comp floor"

Any advice for freshers: 

"Don't be scared to get involved! Dancing with random people can be scary but everyone is in the same boat. If you're especially nervous, come and talk to committee, we will be happy to dance with you and give you a bit of guidance if you're stuck. We were all beginners at one point too!" 

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