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Amelia Trencher

Committee Position:


Year and Course: 

French and German, second year

Why did you run for president?

"I loved being on committee in first year, and I've got so much from being a part of this lovely and welcoming society and wanted to give something more back by running for president. Me and Meg decided to run for it together as we were dance partners last year and we have similar views on what we'd like to do in the society as well as bring really good friends!"

What do you hope to do with the role?

"I really want to continue to encourage the friendly atmosphere we have in the society, and to hopefully get even more beginners involved with the competitions! We also want to try and do some more collaborations with other societies as the ones we've done this year have been a lot of fun!"

Favourite Dance: 

"I can never decide but I love waltz, as it feels so beautiful when it goes well, but jive is also a lot of fun and always makes me smile!"

Favourite YBLS Memory:

"There's too many to choose, but winning offbeat at NUDC, getting to dance at Blackpool for the first time and then co-choreogeaphing a dance for showcase were some of my favourite moments from the year!"

Why did you join the society?

"I used to do ballroom & latin at home but had to stop because of covid so I thought it would be fun to try it again! As soon as I came to the first taster lessons, I knew I was going to love it and everyone was so welcoming."

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