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Jess Scrimshire

Committee Position: 


Year and Course: 

Biomedical Science with a Year in Industry, 4th Year


Why did run for this role?

"Having previously held the role before I was on placement, I wanted to return to the committee after a break and keep encouraging everyone to dance!"

What do you hope to do with the role?

"I hope to make lessons and competing as affordable and accessible to everyone! I want anyone from complete beginners to experienced dancers to be able to represent the University of York and have the chance to compete.

Favourite Dance: 

"Jive, the music is the best!"

Favourite YBLS Memory:

"So many to choose from and each year has been so different! Competing with so many dance partners in my second year was a lot of fun and it was made even better when I managed to get a couple of medals!"

Random Fact: 

"I once competed in all borrowed clothes and with a routine I had learned in 30 minutes."


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