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Chloe B!



Chloe Barker

Committee Position: 

Team Captain

Year and Course: 

 Psychology, 4th year.

Why did you run for this role?

"I just love the fact that the role of TC is so people oriented and i love the idea of getting to know each member of the team individually and being that point of contact for people if they have any queries or worries, or even to hear how proud they are of what they have achieved. I believe I have enough knowledge about ballroom & latin dancing to be able to help people progress and do the best they can!!"

Why did you join the committee?

"Make everyone feel comfortable and enjoy competition days! I hope to make the society even more inclusive than it already is and make sure everyone knows they are welcome no matter their ability in dance."

Favourite Dance:

"Waltz - I love how it all flows (when it goes right) and all the fancy heads" 

Favourite YBLS Memory:

"Blackpool - every year, winning offbeat at NUDC and definitely winning 3-dance at roses!."

What are you most looking forward to in YBLS next year?

Looking forward to watching everyone continue to slay and watching the team hopefully grow even more. I am excited for comp season to start again and of course Trace's socials (and the return of tied together/pub golf/bingo :)))

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