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Lilly Clark

Committee Position: 


Subject and Year: 

Natural Sciences, third year

Why did you run for Secretary?

"I have always liked being organised and communicating with people so I thought I would really enjoy being secretary and answering questions people have about the society."

Favourite Dance: 

"Either samba or waltz, they couldn't be more different but I have so much fun dancing them both. Waltz is elegant and strong and samba is an endless challenge of rhythms and fluidity." 

Favourite YBLS Memory: 

"Watching everyone dance in the Blackpool ballrooms 🥰 Or dancing for 13 out of 24 hours in our 24 hour funraising dance-a-thon!" 

What are you looking forward to this year? 

"Spending time in the training rooms with the loveliest group of people, dancing, laughing, eating snacks and taking cheeky naps in the corner." 

Any advice for freshers?

"Don't be afraid to come and try a lesson even if you've never been to a dance class before. Bring a friend along and I promise you'll have so much fun!"

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