Lilly Clarke

Committee Position: 

Society Representative

Subject and Year: 

Natural Sciences, second year

Why did you join the society?

"I did ballroom and latin for a few years when I was younger and loved it and I always wanted to do it again so I was really excited to join the society at York"

Why did you join the committee?

“Everyone on the committee is so lovely and friendly. I've had so much fun with them in lessons and at comps. I can't wait to be more involved this year! ”

Favourite Dance: 

"Quickstep- when it goes right snd you're both in sync it feels like you're flying, although when you're not it can be very bumpy.

What dances do you want to learn/improve this year?:

"Paso Doble. I love this dance so much and would love to be able to compete it one day. Also it would be cool to do viennese without falling over. " 

Favourite YBLS Memory: 

"Winning Rock and Roll at Roses!" 

What are you looking forward to this year? 

Finding a new dance partner and learning new routines. I will miss my partner in crime, Jess but one of us has to keep dancing while she is on placement. I also can't wait to encourage people to spread the word and bring their friends along to lessons!

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