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Jess Crewe

Committee Position: 

Wardrobe Co-ordinator

Year and Course: 

Engineering, third year

Why did you join the society?

"I joined the society as I had always wanted to try ballroom dancing." 

Why did you run for this role?

I ran for this role because I love the wow factor and sparkle of the ballroom and Latin dresses and this role allows me to become more familiar with our societies costumes.

What do you hope to do with your committee role??

"I hope to use this role to support our team captains with the organisation of costume details on stressful competition days." 


Favourite Dance:

"My favourite dance has to be the foxtrot, I just love the rhythm of the music."

Any advice/tips for freshers? 

Don’t be afraid to speak to people on the committee about anything, we are always here to help.

Favourite YBLS Memory: 

My favourite YBLS memory has to be my first lesson last year the whole committee was so welcoming and made me feel so comfortable throughout the session.

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