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Alice Pearson

Committee Position: 

Press and Publicity

Subject and Year: 

"2nd Year Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance"

Why did you join the society?

"I’ve done dance my whole life, but never Ballroom and Latin so wanted to try something new when I came to university."

What is your favourite YBLS memory?

"My favourite YBLS memory has to be Blackpool - I loved watching everyone dance and seeing how far we had all come from training! Live showcase was definitely another highlight and was a great way to end a year of dancing!"

What are you looking forward to about your role this year?

“I’m looking forward to competing new dances that I didn’t compete with this year, such as Viennese waltz and Paso!

What is your favourite dance?

"Definitely waltz or foxtrot, they feel so smooth and elegant when done right - and I also love the rise and fall movement they both have ."

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